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Literally I am following in the steps of Robert Kennedy to celebrate the life of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, America’s first Catholic President who bears comparison as a Veteran and adventure traveler to Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, ie, the Society of Jesus. Black and white photos are at puc Rio, theContinue reading

Covid 27 – S1e3

Joe Robustellini, USAF Ret, was a professor at PUC-Rio.br. He had retired and now was paid as a Lieutenant Commander of the US Naval Services. He flipped a PowerPoint slide, which had one word in the largest possible font: IRONY His classroom of undergraduate students — composed of 80% super lazy legacy Jesuit alumni, andContinue reading “Covid 27 – S1e3”

Covid 27 dramatis personae

Vp Webb Jameson Potus Matthew James IV Commanding Admiral USSF Fleet Admiral Willis Parr President of Brazil Lulanaro Logan Pendragon Callsign BOROMIR Olliver South OGA

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