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S2e2 riofornication

Those laws are all owned by halliburton . Law means light amphibious warship. They were in guanabara bay. Joe Robustellini, LCDR USN Ret., needed a way to rent 10-20 Laws. He had a gsa credit card and a m27.


Google v United States: World War III Everyone thought World war 3 would be a war between nations, as in that treaty of Westphalia In fact, it was more medieval. The United States declared war on the FAANGS — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Salesforce (Microsoft) — under President Musk with Jim Mattis commanding theContinue reading “S2e1”

s1e8 – the Spy who Loved me

1954 Prague Lieutenant Commander Joe Robustellini met Ericka Hartgen on the Charles Bridge on the way to the opera in the Altstadt. There she gave him an envelope with the numbers for the bank accounts for the Swiss Guards in Lugano. A man named Soros watched the whole thing.(sketches… s1e9, for the californication… riofornication… whichContinue reading “s1e8 – the Spy who Loved me”

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